PR / Media Kit

Whether you are a large company, a small home business, or somewhere in-between, I would love to do reviews and/or giveaways for you here on my blog.

I would need a sample of the product that you would like me to review.  Samples will not be returned.
I will only accept reviews for things that I think I will like/use/believe in as I will not do bad reviews for anyone.  If I get your product and find that that I can’t do a good review on it, I will let you know what I feel needs to be improved or the problems that I had.

Want me to do a review and a giveaway for the same product?  Wonderful!   My readers would love a chance to win your product!  We can use social networking as I am very active on Twitter and Facebook. (I will honor Facebook’s new policy on giveaways.)

Would you like me to do a giveaway with no review?  That is fine as well.  There will be a small compensation expected for my time involved with setting up and doing the giveaway.  We can discuss that when you contact me.

At this point, reviews have a turnaround about 4 weeks from the time the product hits my mailbox, unless it is a product that requires a longer amount of time to review (ie: tooth whitening products).

Many times I will include photos of my family using the product.

Want to know a little about me and my family to see if we fit the demographics for your product?
I am a 50 year young Grandmother to 2 male teenagers that are 13 and 15.  Due to some health issues, I spend a lot of time online. My family consist of my two Grandsons, 2 small dogs, and 7 various birds.

My 15 year old Grandson is a loner, and a huge computer and gaming freak!  He tends to master most games within a day or two of playing them. He would play one kind of game or another 24 hours a day, if I allowed.  The 13 year old Grandson is active and out-going one.  He enjoys being outdoors (swimming, riding his bike, or playing Lazer Tag).  

I love to interact on the internet (twitter, facebook, my blog)  and I also make time to create various types of art (mixed media, various needle arts, scrapbooking, polymer clay and others), and I also enjoy reading.  I love spending quality time with my Grandsons, as well as my fur and feather babies. 

Check out my reviews to see if my style is what you are looking for.
I am happy to send you a screen shot of recent traffic to my blog.
Overview –
A physical product  is required for a review.

Product will not be returned.

All shipping costs, duty fees, costs accrued with getting the product to BrendaLea Abbott will be paid for by the company.

For giveaways, the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. I will hold the giveaway and give the winner’s information to the company.

As of 5/30/2010 reviews will be posted within a period of 4 weeks unless a longer period of time is required for the review.

Fees for a giveaway without review and/or advertising will need to be sent via PayPal or US Check/Money Order before the giveaway will be posted. (Checks must clear bank first, usually 2-3 days.)
If we suit your need, click on this little envelope

I am happy to post press releases for nonprofit companies for free.  Press releases with no sample posted for for-profit companies will have a small fee attached to it for the advertising fee.

As of 6/18/2010 prices are as follows -

1 – text link in a post telling my readers where to find you
  • $15
1 – 125 X 125 button on the left or right side near the top
  • $25 /month
  • $70/ 3 months
  • $135/ 6 months
  • $250/ 1 year
1 banner (468 X 60) at the bottom of each individual post
  • $50/month
The banner will only be available to purchase in 1 month at a time increments.
There will only be one banner spot available at a time.
These prices are subject to change.  Once you order and pay for your advertising spot, your price is locked in for that duration of time.