Friday, June 13, 2008

Bathroom work is nearing completion

Bathroom work is nearing completion and it's about time. Been nearly 3 months since it all began. The dry waller is here today and looks like he going to be able to start the painting process. Yippee...maybe by next week my house will be back in order. And my house has been in disarray every since. Just as I have been, due to all this craziness. And I just realized a moment ago that my Grandson's 11th birthday is today. Yikes! I have to get a card made for right now. He got his birthday present about 4 days ago and he LOVES it!!!! I was able to recycle and make him happy at the same time. I was at a yard sale and found two electric scooters... similar to mopeds, for a grand total of $15, but I had to buy a charger off of eBay for $23, and my scooter needs a battery (but that will have to wait until next month) as I am broke now. But the little guy loves his scooter and can't wait for the two of us to putter around town.


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