Sunday, June 29, 2008

More winning to be won

Wow, there is a lot of stuff to win....out there on the web. One just has to take the time to find it and to enter the various give-a-ways. Here is one such place, The Net Fool, I haven't been to this blog for long, but I am enjoying what I see so far. Looks like he has a ton of tips to help one create and execute their blog. Maybe I can get some help there, or some useful tips. There is a great list of items to be won here, and with Market Leverage sponsoring this win.....WOW!!!!! Some awesome stuff...maybe I will be lucky and can win a part of it. Looks like I will need to check out this Market Leverage site and do some signing up for myself. Net Fool has an e-book called, "Seven Ways to a Better Life"...I've started reading it , but haven't finished it yet. But I like his concept and his way of thinking. I will definitely finish this and hopefully gain some insight into how I can make a bit more bucks, to make my life a bit more easy. Well good luck to you all and I hope someone wins this awesome package.


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