Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 14 of 29 - Day Giving Challenge

Today I have something a bit different for you. It's another one of my polymer clay creations. Nothing too fancy, but a bit fun. And you get to choose which one you want. Maybe you have a first or last name that starts with a "C" or "G". And if not, maybe you know someone that does..... then you can do your own 29-Day Giving Challenge. Or possibly you collect clowns or giraffes. Which ever it is.... it's your choice today. These can be used as ornaments, or hang them from a nail on your wall, or run a ribbon through the loop and hang it on your door knob.

Leave a message on this post to be enter to win one of these cute characters.
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  1. Those characters are so darn cute. My son's name begins with a C and my husbands name begins with a G. Too funny and how ironic. Please sing me up for the drawing. Thanks so much for your 29 day excursion. This brightens my days. Jody

  2. Not sure if this one is closed, but I have to comment anyway - too cute!
    My last name begins with a G, and my sister's first name begins with a C, and she is crazy about clowns (they kinda freak me out a bit)


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