Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Am I going Batty for Batting?

Have you ever heard of the Creative Home Arts Club? Well if not, let me tell you a bit about them, or just go and check out their website.

They create a magazine that is sent out every other month that has all sorts of crafts in it, as well as reviews of various products by the members (not by the staff of the company) so you get a true and honest opinion. They also hold contest that are published in the magazine, and they have monthly giveaways.

Well guess what???? See the picture below? That is of me and what I won by entering the giveaway on their website. A set of quilt batting the the Warm Company. There were 3 queen size quilt battings, 3 baby quilt battings, and some craft batting used to make hot pads and such.

I was so excited to have won, can you see the huge smile on my face... ugly as it is.... my face that is. LOL!!!!

But I don't quilt. So now what do I do with it? Have a giveaway of my own? Sell it? Save it and learn to quilt? I do have some patchwork quilt tops that my Grandmother made.

Since I won this prize, I have won several other prizes and will be leting you know what they are soon.


  1. How exciting....congratulations. It does feel good to win doesn't it.

  2. BrendaLea,
    Congrats on your win. One thought for the batting...your local quilt store may make quilts for charity. My local store makes quilts for charity so when I get someone that gives me fabric that is not my thing I give it to them.

    If they don't do it they may know a group that does make them for charity.

    I also have a friend that makes stuff for the local children's hospital so I give her the kiddie stuff that I cannot use.

  3. Ohhhh, I would enter. Can never have enough batting!!


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