Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 of my Favorite Things

Happy Birthday Latte!!!

Latte' is 5 Today

Latte' at 5-1/2 months

My sweet, smart, and wonderful fur baby turned five today! She is so adorable and I love her so very much. I rescued her when she was about 6 weeks old. My Niece found her walking on the road. We tried to find an owner, but no one came forward. Not sure why such a tiny puppy was out and about on her own.

Latte' Nov 2008

Look what I found in my garden when I went out to hide Easter eggs for the Grandsons.
So pretty! So perfect! What a beautiful color!

It's the first one to bloom this year. Hopefully I will have blooming irises for a few weeks. Irises are my all time favorite flower. I collect anything and everything that has an iris on it. Jewelry! Throws! Pillows! Knick-knacks! Cards! Pictures! As a child we called them "Flags". A neighbor down the block has a yard full of "flags" in every color, and that is where my love affair of them began. And it wasn't until I was an adult that I learned they were really called Irises.

This is another picture of the same bloom.

I only have irises in two shades of purple and really should get some other colors. I love seeing a mixture of irises in different colors in a garden. Just not sure that I am up to digging holes to plant the bulbs. I should take a drive out to the fairgrounds, as they have a really nice display of irises, to see if theirs are blooming.


  1. Oh Brenda, those are so beautiful!!!

    I love their deep color!

  2. What a lovely dog, how lucky you are. Love the irises as well they are so pretty.

  3. Thank you for entering my blog candy. Good luck!
    Your dog is sooo cute, how could anyone not want her, she is gorgeous.
    Lora x

  4. Cute fur baby! The iris is lovely, too!

  5. Happy Birthday, Latte!

    The iris is lovely! I wish mine would bloom soon!


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