Friday, May 22, 2009

My Plead to win the JVC Everio Giveaway

I so badly want to win a JVC Everio camcorder . The only camcorder I have is a JVC but it is 15+ years old. It's heavy, it's bulky, and doesn't have a very good zoom... maybe a 2x. I so want and could REALLY use a new JVC camcorder so that I can share videos of my two adorable and wonderful Grandsons, and of my two fur babies: Coffee and Latte'. And to get extra entries into the giveaway over at A Daily Dose with Toni I had to make the folllowing video. I used my teeny, tiny digital camera (the first time I ever took video with it) and finally figured out how to take the video and then how to download it, just so that I could get the extra entries and hopefully win. So please (I'm begging you) keep your fingers crossed for me. I want this so very, very much.



  1. OMG you rock, you are the only one brave enough so far (i think). I so hope random pics your number!

    WTG on the video :)

  2. Good luck! thanks for adding my summer button!

  3. Good Luck! I use the video part of my digital cam to do little movies.

    I hope you will win!


    (It's me, Robin, but I can't remember my password!)

  4. Well, I hope you win.

    I wish we had a means of recording the children.
    We don't have it at all.

  5. too cool you truly truly want that camera

  6. I do, I REALLY want that camera! My fingers are crossed, and I hope I do win. If so, I will be sharing more videos in the future.

    Thanks for all of the comments.



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