Friday, August 7, 2009

Have you hard of the Painted Ponies?

The Painted Ponies are beautiful, but I am not really here to talk about them. I am here to talk about my painted kitchen. Yep, it's been painted and I absolutely love it!!!!! Previously my kitchen was the yucky tan color (as is the whole house) and I had a Pansy theme. It's been time for a chance for a long time now. And a big chance I have made. I love spending time in my kitchen now as the color is perfect.

It's a little more purple and a lot less blue looking than what the picture shows. I got a great deal on the gallon of paint at my local Wal-mart and paid a mere $6.93 as it was one of their Oops paints. One they mixed for someone else but must have been the wrong shade or something. But that is fine as I got a great deal, and it was a perfect shade for me.

The date on the pictures are incorrect, I had used my Grandson's camera and I guess he hasn't set his date on it to the current date.

The tan color you see in the picture is what I have lived with for over 12 years. Yuck! Every single room is that color in my home. And I am so sick of it. The areas that are not currently purple will be painted a bright lime green. My total color combo is purple, lime green, black, and white. Now that the kitchen has been painted I see that I have a lot of items that are lime green. such as: tiny screwdriver, flash light, silicon pot holder, and other items.

I'm shying away from the pansies, but will keep my Corelle dishes that are pansies as I love my Corelle. My pansy curtains are hung up for the time being, but I went to Hobby Lobby and got fabric that is lime green with white polka dots to make new curtains for the kitchen. I was able to use my internet coupon and saved 40% too. I bought 5 yards so that was a bit of savings and well worth getting their e-mail newsletter each week so that you can get the coupon to use in the store.

When I was at Wal-mart last night I bought a lime green colander and have it hanging on my wall now. I am also making some art to go in my kitchen. I can't wait until I am totally done. It will be the bomb! More pictures to come. Soon, I hope.

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  1. will never want to leave your kitchen now as it will be so bright and cheery. What a great bargain you got the paing for. I love the sound of adding lime green, black and white to the overall effect.


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