Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet Great Niece, Gracee

I might have mentioned a time or two of my oldest Niece, Angel, having a little girl on July 10th of 2009. Gracee is Angel's 2nd child, her first born was a cute red headed boy born 19 years and 4 days prior to Gracee's arrival.


Last weekend my Sister had a baby shower for them as we were not able to attend the original baby shower due to my Brother-n-law's passing on the morning of. Angel understood why we couldn't attended the shower as my Sister, Terry, needed our support and love much more than Angel needed us to attend the shower. So we gathered at our local Pizza Hut last weekend and dined on Cheeseburger Pizza and Cheese Bread Sticks. Then Angel opened the gifts while sweet Gracee was entertained by one person and then the next.

Mommy = Angel
with one of 2 hats I got for little Gracee

Daddy = Tracey
holding swet Gracee


  1. so very sweet
    I just noticed you are not that far from me I am located in Harrisburg. Wow small world thanks for following me.


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