Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Me and Two of My Three Feather Babies

This is Gabby, my ornery Quaker Parrot. He likes to bite, and he hates getting his wings clipped. He torments my other birds when he can. So I have to be careful and not let them out at the same time. Once I forgot, and let Patone and Gabby out at the same time, he went right after Patone and bite Patone on the rump. For weeks Patone would not come out of his cage as he was terrified. Gabby was found outside under someone's car and since the local humane society did not have the ability to keep any birds, they asked me to foster him. No one ever claimed him and he has lived with me for about 5 years now. I guess he is mine. I love him, even though he is ornery.

This is me and Patone. He loves to ride in my head. He actually belongs to my oldest Grandson, Conner. Conner asked for a Cockatiel for Christmas when he was 5. Conner got Patone when he was 8 weeks old, and Patone will turn 10 in October of this year. Conner has never held Patone (he is a bit scared of him) and he prefers to play with and aggravate Gabby. I am hoping as Conner gets older, he will eventually begin to bond with Patone. Please DO NOT pay any attention to the picture of me, it's horrible!
We have another bird, Tweety, that is a Parakeet, but I don't have any good pictures of him yet. I adopted him from my Sister as she had two, but one died and she was kinda of tired of dealing with just one. So I brought him home with me and he is so happy to have two other birds to chat. With all the action in my house with my Grandsons and my two fur babies. He has a lot to keep him busy.

Gabby belongs to me, Patone belongs to Conner, and Tweety belong to Duncan (my other Grandson). Can you tell we love animals?


  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. Ola, what's up amigos? :)
    In first steps it is very nice if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

  3. Birds scare me. Had one when I was young who always nipped at me.

    Love the iris on your page, one of my favorite flowers.

    Happy to have you enter the contest, you've got the first step done letting me know. Next up post my traveling suitcase badge to your blog with a link to my blog, and post a 2nd comment in one of 15 most recent posts.

    Have a great rest of the wkend.

  4. You have such sweet little birds :-) My mother once had a Budgie who rode her sholder all day. Once she fogot all about him being there and put her coat on and went out when she got to the store a little head popped out and gave the checkout girl a shock :-D
    I am also making two little birds at the moment I hope you come and see them when they are done.
    I did pop over to say thanks you for the lovely stash of roving you sent me for the One World One heart prize. I will enjoy using it and let you know when I have a finished item for you to see. Big hug across the world to you Brenda.


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