Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Never thought of 8 as my lucky number... until today

I always thought of number 12 and number 15 as my ,lucky numbers. From back in the day when I used to play B-I-N-G-O. But today that all changed.

I bought two instant lottery tickets. I won a free ticket on one and then $8 on the other. The $8 was a biggy for me as I haven't won more than $2 on a ticket in ages. Then when I went to Krogers to do some grocery shopping I received a total of $8.53 in free groceries. Why you ask, well when you shop at Kroger's and sale items do not ring up correctly you get one of the items free, and I ended up getting a total of 3 items free today.

And then I have a new hobby, which is entering blog giveaways. And last month, January, I won a total of 8 times from 8 different blogs. And they are as follows:

Energizer Bunny blog --- Rosa's Fudge
Baby Loving Mama --- Dairy Makes Sense prize pack
Diva Buzz blog --- Blue Necklace
Sage & Savy blog --- Chicken Soup Book
Mom Bloggers Club --- a month of Cottonelle
As They Grow Up --- Nescafe Prize Pack
Sweeps 4 Bloggers --- 6 Flirtini Cards
StepMom Extraordinaire --- EcoStore $25 gift certificate

Thesee blogs are usually always having various giveaways going on. So if interested check them out. They are great blogs, and not just for giveaways.


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