Monday, March 1, 2010

Giveaway: Day 1 of 29 Days of Giving

Have you ever heard of the 29 Day Giving Challenge? The 29 Day Giving Challenge site has been shorted to 29 Gifts. 29 Gifts is a global giving movement with nearly ten thousand members in 42 countries. It's mission is to revive the giving spirit in the world and I am doing my small part by this 29 days of giveaways.

There might be days during the 29-Day Challenge that I won't be able to get on-line for various reasons. Such as, being ill, having computer problems, or a number of other reasons. But I will do my best to list items each and every day to best of my ability. There will be a total of 29 giveaways. So if I miss a day, the giveaways might not end on March 29th.

Some things to know about my 29-Day Challenge.
  1. As long as you leave a comment on the post, of the days give-a-way, you will be entered to win. Please post your e-mail address so that I have a way to contact you. You can leave it like I do if you like: prpldy (at) comcast dot net - to keep spammers from finding it.
  2. One entry per post, per person, except for the extra entries, leave a separate comment for each extra entry.
  3. I will draw the winners names via
  4. I will post the winners at the end of each week, instead of daily.
  5. Today's giveaway is open only to residents in the USA.
  6. You can gain extra entries by:
1 extra entry: if you are a follower or become a new follower
1 extra entry: follow me on twitter please leave your user name
1 extra entry: become a facebook fan please leave your user name
2 extra entries: subscribe to e-mail updates on the right hand side - leave 2 separate comments
5 extra entries: blog about my giveaway, please leave a link to your post and 5 comments

I will confirm all entries.

Now, on to today's giveaway: Embroidered Treasures for Children Book

This is a new 128 page book, with cute embroidery items for children. Many items can be completed in a day or two. There are projects for the novice and some for the more experienced person. If you embroidery, or know someone that does, then you need to leave a comment to be entered to win. Good luck to everyone.


  1. Funny how we both have something going when we just met. lol

    So, here's my comment and I'm not following you here and on twitter. I use the same ID...I know many have a different one everywhere which I find confusing. I am sandycrochet. I tried to be a fan on facebook; but literally just joined there 2 days ago and don't know how to do that, and don't know what difference between being a fan and being a friend is. Can you help me with that?

    I see my badge, thanks....will go now to find your other post so I can get you properly recorded as in.

    Have a good Monday

  2. Great concept. Can't wait to see what you come up with each day.

    Count me in. I'm a follower.


  3. Great concept. Can't wait to see what you come up with each day.

    Count me in. I subscribed to receive your e-mail notifications.


  4. I'm the first? hope not x_x (bad luck)
    I came here by other blog, you must be so generous! one the other hand, the idea of 29 days of giveaways sounds like fun ^^
    thank you

  5. What a wonderful idea!!


    asklaane*>* yahoo