Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love ZeroWater!

I love water!  I especially love ZeroWater, it took all of the contaminants out of my tap water!  I am so  tickled to tell you about the ZeroWater Ion Exchange Filtration System.   I love a good tasting glass of water, especially in the Summer when it is hot. And I believe we all know how important water is to our bodies.

Each ZeroWater Ion Exchange Filtration System comes with a TDS meter so that you are able to compare the amount of dissolved particles in your tap water as well as the water from the ZeroWater Pitcher.

This is water my tap water registered:  153

And this is what the water from the ZeroWater Pitcher register after
using it for 4 weeks:  000

The Zero Water was the BEST tasting water I have ever tried.  The water taste clean, crisp, and oh so fresh!  Now I am a person that does not like warm water.  I have to drink my water extremely cold.  Well I used to have to drink it extremely cold.  I can tell you that with the Zero Water System, I am now able to drink water that is at room temperature if I need to.  Such as when I have a bottle of water in my car that has gotten warm.  No longer do I need to worry about how to keep my water cold when I am away from home.  And because the water taste so refreshing I know I will drink even more water than I used to.

ZeroWater has also become a "green" company as they have initiated a recycling program for the water filters.  An incentive for participating in the recycling program, ZeroWater® will offer a discount on replacement filters to offset the cost of shipping. And who doesn't like a company that thinks "green".

If ever I loved a product, then this is one that I love.  And I have tried multiple types of water filtration systems because I have never liked the taste of our city water.  None of the other systems I have tried holds a candle to the ZeroWater System.

The revolutionary ion exchange filter by Zero Technologies, LLC is the only gravity fed filtration system that meets the FDA standard for purified bottled water*.  For the first time ever, by filtering tap water through
the ZeroWater® system, users can confidently replace bottled water with water that meets a higher standard than any other gravity fed water they are currently drinking.  This new technology far surpasses current gravity feed technology of the leaders in this market, removing virtually all measureable TDS in drinking water.

The ZeroWater® filtration system is available in the convenient ZeroWater® Pitcher and the jug-style ZeroWater® Filter Bottle. The pitcher has a ½ gallon capacity, requires one ZeroWater® filter and features an easy-fit lid with a pour spout for customer convenience, along with an exclusive in-fridge push button

The company is so confident in its guarantee that the filtered water will measure ZERO that it provides an independently manufactured total dissolved solids (TDS) meter so people can test water for themselves.

The TDS meter also offers users peace of mind that the ZeroWater® filter cartridges are working properly. When the tester reaches “006” it is time to change the filter. The life of a ZeroWater® filter is based on the amount of dissolved solids in local water and the amount of water consumed in a given time frame.

*Filtered potable tap water tested by an independent lab (not the FDA). Compared to water produced by leading gravity fed filters.


  1. Very cool sounding system...right now, and for several years I have had a Brita pitcher for my frig.
    Did you ever try that one?

  2. Just curious where you got it and the price?
    Thanks much!


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