Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bottles of Hope and other Clay Projects

 four generic bottles for men or women

Have you ever heard of the Bottles of Hope?  I made these a while back and they have been sent out or give to various cancer patients.  Just last week I uploaded them pictures with the intent to show them to my readers.  Today I was over at Lori's blog, My Wooden Spoon, where she has a post regarding Glad To Give.

 Dino bottle made special for a little boy
Because of Lori's post, I have decided to go ahead and get this post written. And if you visit My Wooden Spoon you can enter to win a $500 gift card, that she hopes you will use for giving.
My bottles are not as beautiful as those on the Bottles of Hope site, but I hope those whom have received them have gained a bit of hope from having them.

It has been a while since I have played with my polymer clay and my hands are itching to get back to it.  I have dreams of expanding my polymer clay art, and create much more beautiful items.  But like anything else, you get better with practice.
silver and white mokume gane cane covered empty chicken egg
black and white clay covered chicken egg

My clay work is not even close to other clay artist, but I had fun creating these items.  I love making the chicken eggs,  I put glass beads inside so that when you pick them up then rattle.  I have found that clay items beg to be touched, handled, and picked up.
fire breathing dragon

mother and child monkeys

I learned how to make the monkeys from one of the many Carol Duvall shows that was on HGTV at one time.  Sure miss watching your shows each day, Carol!

I am hoping when I can finally get back to my clay, to play, that I will eventually have some of the beautiful items that I vision in my head and many jotted down on paper, to show you.  But in the mean time I hope you have enjoyed these few items.

Hope you all have a wonderful creative and giving day,


  1. Love those monkey's very clever. The bottles are such a wonderful idea too.

  2. Thanks Merry. I really do need to get back to playing with my clay! It's been a while and I sure do miss it. And I have learned of a friend's friend has cancer and I need to make her a bottle of hope.


  3. Cute work!!! I specially fell in love with those lovely monkeys *_* I hope you can post more photos about your clay work .

  4. What a great idea to send patients a pretty little bottle as a pick me up. Been there, done that (breast cancer - although I didn't buy a T-shirt :o) so I can honestly say that anything that brightens a cancer patient's day is a wonderful thing!

  5. You do such beautiful work!

  6. Thanks Neky, Jen and MAC for you thoughtful comments. I really do appreciate them.



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