Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grab Guard - Review

Last month I talked about several safety items as June was Home Safety Month.  Today I want to tell you about another item that can be used at home (I suppose), that is also a safety item.  The Grab Guard!

The Grab Guard is a tool that allows you to feel more at ease while shopping because you can lock your purse to your cart, and thwart the attempt to have your purse stolen. Shopping is stressful enough without the worry of your purse being snatched.  But the Grab Guard is a tool that anyone can use.  Adults and children alike!

I personally have used mine when shopping at the grocery store and other stores.  I have used it to lock my tote bag to my chair when at the doctor's office.  I can see when traveling, using the Grab Guard to attach and lock your laptop bag to your roll-a-long suitcase when in an airport.  Or a child using the Grab Guard to secure his/her backpack to the fence when out playing, or at the pool to secure your tote.  Even men can use the Grab Guard.  Men have brief cases, and laptop bags and some even have backpacks too.  When at a restaurant (especially the buffet type) securing your purse to your chair so that when you visit the buffet, someone doesn't have to stay behind to keep an eye on all of the purses, or so that you don't have to carry your purse with you while trying to balance a plate of food.

The Grab Guard is so easy to use, both in securing your items and in setting it to your own personal lock number.  The Grab Guard comes in 5 colors that will suit men, women, and kids alike.  For a $20 investment (and less if you buy 3 or more right now) you can have some peace of mind.  I mentioned before in another post, that my Niece had her purse stolen out of her cart while at Walmart.  Had she had a Grab Guard, she wouldn't have lost everything, including money, credit cards, drivers license, pictures of her kids, and other important items.  Her purse was never found.

from their site:

Grab Guard was invented by a South Florida mother of 5 who witnessed two purses being stolen from a local restaurant. Reports state that every 3 seconds a purse or wallet is stolen and that 2.65 million purse and wallet thefts were recorded in 2006…and those are just the ones reported!

Grab Guard is easy to use, has over 50 pounds or pull strength and fits in the palm of your hand. Best of all, Grab Guard helps deter theft and protects your valuable and your identity. With Grab Guard, all the items you carry such as your wallet, PDA or phone, car and house keys, computer, cash , checks, credit cards and more are protected, anyplace-anytime. Grab one today and protect your valuables from theft tomorrow!

The Grab Guard would make a wonderful gift.  As soon as I have a few spare dollars I will be getting them for my Grandsons, and my Sisters (who ALWAYS leave their purses sitting in their shopping carts).  And if you purchase 3 or more from their website, you can save 25% at checkout if you use the promo code 123.

There was no monetary compensation received for this review, though I did receive the sample to conduct my review. All opinions are my own, and were not swayed by receiving the sample.  Thank you Grab Guard for allowing me to review this wonderful product.


  1. That is something I would never use, wouldn't want to fumble with it off and on and off and on. Thinking about how many places one's purse goes. Though I am one who never puts my purse in the shopping cart, it's always on my shoulder so it's less of an issue for me.

    Sitting down, sometimes it's still on my shoulder, but not when dining out.

    Have you used this item?

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Yes I have used the Grab Guard, I actually use it all the time. I keep it attached to my purse, so that it is always there when I need it.

    Because the lock is just a 2 digit number, it is super easy and actually very quick to attach and un-attach. I just move one dial once I have it in use.

  3. Hi Brenda - Well I was scrolling down your blog trying to see how your fur baby was doing. I didn't see anything so I hope all is well.
    I have been re-doing my blog and rotating some of the offers so there is some new ones on there. I know that you said printing was a problem, so I do have some more that yhou can call, I know you said it helps you out on a fixed income. I will be putting a couple more on, plus another survery site. So if you are interested pop on over and see what I have to offer now.
    Take care and give the fur baby a pet for me.

  4. This sounds like a terrific idea. The product would take some time to get used to.

    I was in the supermarket the other day, and I keep my bag in the basket part of the wagon so I can keep any eye on it as I shop. Well, would you believe, when I turned to pick out some potatoes, a woman came from apparently nowhere and just very quickly started wheeling away the whole wagon. I did shout loud enough, and she so apologized. Good gimmick, huh?

    How does one prevent that?


  5. Not sure where to put this comment--hoping you'll read it here. I'd love to enter the lingerie giveaway, but I don't have a twitter account. Would you consider changing the mandatory entry to something that's available to anyone?

  6. that looks like a useful item!! I'll have to let my Aunt know about it as she's forever having me or my Uncle watch her purse at a buffet, etc. lol

    I appreciate the info! Nice blog you have here too!

  7. I really love this item - I'm so glad you reviewed it - I would love to get this for myself and my mom!

    By the way, I agree with Jan's comment above. I also wanted to enter the lingerie giveaway but I don't have twitter so was unable to. I'm also not on facebook. Since not everyone who blogs has access to these, I also hope you'll make the mandatory entries more accessible to everyone in the future!

    Ramona :-)

  8. I probably wouldn't use this at the grocery store, because I keep it on my person, but I would use it when I am at a crowded restaurant or bar. In that situation I usually put on purse on the floor, which doesn't feel safe. This would give me a sense of security.

  9. I think the hassle of this would definitely outweigh any benefits. Just because my purse can't be taken doesn't mean someone can't go through it to get what's inside!


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