Sunday, July 18, 2010

ProFlowers Birthday Bear Review

Have you ever sent flowers to someone?  Have you ever needed a gift for someone in another state, or on the other side of your own state?  Have you ever thought about sending flowers or a gift, but feared the cost would be too extreme?

See the adorable ProFlowers Birthday Bear and Miniature Yalow Roses with Balloon above?  I had my choice of some wonderful items (spa sets, other bears, fruit baskets, to name a few) to choose from, but since my Great Niece (Miss Gracee) was turning 1 year old right about the time I was to receive the item for review, I chose the Birthday Bear.

Gracee's Bear and My Roses

I am so glad that I chose the item that I did.  The bear far exceeded my expectations.  The bear was so soft and very plush.  From the picture on the ProFlowers site, I wasn't sure what the hat and cupcake were made of.  I was so happy when the box arrived!  I was totally impressed with how well everything was packed.  The bear was in a sealed plastic bag, the roses were not only fresh and with tight buds, but was wrapped in plastic to protect it.  The balloon was separate from the bear and roses so that it arrived in perfect shape.  I loved the balloon that came with our bear, much cuter and brighter than the one in the ProFlowers' picture.

I got a little off-track, I was talking about the hat and cupcake, I wasn't sure what they were made of.  They looked like they might have been made of a hard plastic.  Too my surprise they were not and I was glad about that....  they are both made of a shiny fabric and very soft, so the bear was very suitable for my Great Niece.

ProFlowers carries a wide assortment of flowers and other gifts.  When I need a gift in the future, for a loved one that lives far away, you can bet I will be visiting ProFlowers to see what I can send them.  They have prices that are very reasonable, and in this day and time, I am always looking for ways to save money or get more for my money.  ProFlowers will definitely be able to help me in that department.  The Birthday Bear sells for $34.99, which in my opinion is a really great price.

BTW, Miss Gracee loved her Birthday Bear and balloon.  I am loving the miniature yellow rose bush/plant (I have always wanted one) and I can even plant this outdoors if I choose too.

There was no monetary compensation received for this review, though I did receive the sample to conduct my review. All opinions are my own, and were not swayed by receiving the products.  I would like to thank ProFlowers for providing the items for review.


  1. What a darling bear birthday basket!!

  2. Yes, Auntie Breanda Lea. . . Gracee loves her bear so much that we had her one year photos taken with her bear. As soon as we get them back from the photographer we will send you a photo. Thank you again!!

  3. I have ordered gifts from pro flowers and I have always been satisfied with their services. I like that they have a wide variety of gifts to choose from. The price point is a plus as well.

  4. I absolutely love gifts like these! When I was around eight, I had surgery and one of my cousins sent me a bear with a mug. 16 years later I still have the bear and it reminds me of her thoughtfulness.

    I would have expected the bear, balloon, and roses to be more expensive. What a great deal!


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