Friday, January 11, 2008

Still Plugging Away Trying to Get this Computer Set-up

Been very busy trying to get everything set up on this new computer...

It's not been easy, and I am getting closer. Then today I had Cable Internet hooked-up and boy it has been wonderful having it work so much faster. I love it! My Grandson, Conner, sure will be surprised when he comes over to see the cable internet. He will be ecstatic as his on-line games will work so much better.

Now I need to start getting some pictures uploaded on here so that it will be more interesting. I'm going to start off with some polymer clay pictures if I can figure that much out.

These are some bottles I made for the Bottles of Hope program. But I actually donated mine to a different Bottles of Hope program but for the life of me I can not remember the link as it has been some years back. I no longer have them as they have been distributed to various people. These were made several years ago, and were some of the first bottles I've made.

The bottle on the right is supposed to be an Iris. Not the best representation, but I tried.

This was a set of green bottles that I made. I recently won a huge Polymer Clay Cruise Gift Pack (no I did not go on a cruise, but wish I could afford to as it has always been my dream to go on one) via a contest that I found in the PolymerCAFE' magazine that was given via American Art Clay.

This package of goodies (maybe I can get a picture of the majority of the items as some of them I have already put away, but most are still in the box they arrived in) has inspired me to get my hands back in the clay. It was an awesome set of goodies that added up to atleast $278! I received it just before Christmas and it was one of the best Christmas gift I got, except for the Samsung Camera that my Sister, Terry, got me this year. I love that camera.


  1. BrendaLea,
    The bottles are awesome! I really like them. Is there nothing you cannot do?

    Welcome to the blog world, you will love it!

  2. Thanks Cindy! Well... I do try my hand at many different crafts and art projects. I'm not one for a lot of repetition. So far I am loving the blogging world, thanks for your help.

  3. love your bottles. I have never tried polymer clay on bottles. May have to give it a try when I have free time from all my swapping.

  4. I love the bottles. I am just starting to work with polymer clay and having a blast. Thanks for sharing your artistic talents!

  5. Thanks Rena and Torman! These are early creations and I have a lot more to show everyone. Just will take time to get them all posted here. Thanks for your lovely comments. Try them they are a ton of fun to make.


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