Tuesday, January 13, 2009

.......and a winner is.....Moi!

This is the necklace and close-up shots of the necklace that I made with the 9 Scrabble Tile Charms that I received via swapping through a group I belong to on Flickr called Altered Dominos & Other Altered Game Pieces. We have a wonderful group of ladies (I don't think any men belong to this group at this time) that create some awesome altered art! When the necklace is not worn, I will hang it one the wall so that I can see the artwork.

Isn't this a beautiful bead? This froggy's name is Lizzie. I won this from Larry's Beads that is located in my home town of Belleville, Illinois. And if you go to Larry's website and vote for his site you will be entered to win one of his beautiful beads too. Hop on over to Larry's and good luck winning.

I recently won a book from Lindsey over at Craftside....and I am tickled. It's a paper quilling book titled: The Art of Paper Quilling by: Claire Sun-ok Choi. I've already begun making some of the floral arrangements. Not many mind you, but I have begun. I really need to get pictures taken of the book and what I have created so far. I so enjoy paper quilling while watching TV. Since my little fur baby, Coffee, likes me to sit right next to him, it's one craft I can do in the recliner.
And here they are.....a few pictures I finally took today.

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  1. The charm necklace is to lovely. It is nice that they all "fit" together so well.

  2. Thanks Cindy,

    I think using crystals of matching colors between the charms really helped. I love the way it turned out.

  3. I am enjoying your blog so much. I absolutely love the charms. And the tree frog is adorable, one of my favorite animals. Great to meet you. Lisa

  4. I'm back because I'm really trying to see how some of them are attached, the the bird. Is epoxy used? These are really great! Lisa

  5. Thanks Lisa,

    I love that heart pendant with the frog on it...so colorful, cheerful and I am a bit of a frog lover too!

  6. some great beading work done here on your blog....and love the paper quilling. Enjoy visiting from time to time.

  7. oh for heavens sake that frog! How utterly adorable, who knew frogs had little butts like that! LOL, I am in love with him! I'm going to Larry's site right now! Thanks - for the tip on that site, and for talking so much about 29Gifts, we really appreciate it!

  8. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my blog. So much appreciated.


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