Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birds Nest for the Wee Birdies and Baby Bunnies

These are some of the nest that I have been crocheting to donate to the several Wild Life Rescue Agencies in NC, NJ, and VA. These are the three basic sizes that I make and am now working on one that it even larger as one place needs them for baby squirrels and baby opossums. I found out about these from a blog that I visit, but for the life of me i can not seem to locate the blog at the moment.

The next two pictures are of the one mailed out last week. These are the dozen that I sent off to New Jersey last week. I hope they are the correct sizes that they need.

You can read more about these nest at Bevs Country Cottage Blog (this is not the blog where I originally heard about these though) were she also has a pattern for the nest. I don't personally use a pattern. they are easy to make and I can make several of the small one in a night and usually one of the large ones.

The day I went to the dentist and spent 2 hours on the road each way, I was able to create one of the medium one on the way down and another on the way back home. And even while sitting and waiting (you know how doctors and dentist are .....they love to make you wait)..... I was able to create 2 small nest. So it ended up being a very productive day, nest wise.

I just use scrap yarn (the wee birds and other animals don't care what color they are) and 3 strands at a time..... so the nest will be strong and stand up on their own. I crochet them very tightly, so their little feet don't get caught in them. Some of them really turn out pretty though with the mixture of yarn colors.


  1. oh wow -- yes yes yes i love this nest mission :) -- oh your teeth bless you!, does that mean we can go have cheeseburger in paradise

  2. T: You bet...a cheeseburger in paradise! Just tell me when girlfriend!



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