Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 9 of 29-Day Giving Challenge

Do you make dolls? Do you like to use body parts in your collage work? Do you like to work with clay (polymer clay, that is)? Have you ever wanted to try polymer clay?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to sign up for today's give-a-way. Today we have a polymer clay mold and clay. I didn't show the clay as it will be a surprise. But there will be at least 4 packages of clay to go with the hand mold, and maybe another surprise or two!

This hand mold was designed my Maureen Carlson in 1993. She is an excellent polymer clay artist, as is Christi Friesen, who has recently started working with polymer clay and mixed media together, with some amazing results. Maureen has several books out and they are all wonderful. I personally own a couple of them.

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Anyhow, if you are interesteed leave a comment on this post to be intered to win. And spread the word..... this 29-Day Giving Challenge is awesome and I would love to see it grow even more. I orignally found out about this via Chrysti's blog, Art by Chrysti. Check it out, she is still in the process of her give-a-way.

And now for a few updates.

  • Day 1: I gave a friend some food items that she needed to make dinner for her and her Daughter. She was hungry for potato salad and I had the fixins' for it and this prevented her from having the go to the grocery store.
  • Day 2: I got on eBay some cutting mats for my oldest Sisters Cricut machine.
  • Day 4: Helped my Grandson with his homework.
  • Mailed off one dozen hand made birds nest for wildlife rescue of baby birds and rabbits.
  • Let my cleaning lady leave early.
  • Helped a friend search for a mannequin on eBay.
  • Working on an afghan for my Sister for her Daughter who is due to have a baby in July.
  • Mailed off crocheted nest to North Carolina. These are for squirrels and opossums.
  • Still working on making more nest. I try to get one x-large one done a day or several smaller ones.
  • Mailed a very good friend a birthday card.
  • Visited a friend I had not seen for a while.
  • Called a friend in Alaska.
  • E-mailed my Brother.
  • Sent a Congratulations card to my friend for her new Grandson.
  • I sent a 'thank you' card to a church that helped me a few weeks ago with food.
And in return, I have received:

  • My lower denture broke and my Sister paid to have it fixed.
  • I won 7 gifts during the One World-One Heart Event.
  • I won a bracelet from Danica, at Harmony Jewelry Designs.
  • I've received a beautiful red lace heart and Valentine card in the mail yesterday.
  • A dear friend called me yesterday.
  • When I thought I was out of money this month for groceries, I received some money that was owed to me. So I was able to buy more groceries.
So you see, the 29-Day Giving Challenge does work! Give it a try!


  1. I love Maureen Carlson's molds! I enjoyed reading the things you have done on your 99 to do list!

  2. dscootermama@yahoo.comFebruary 23, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    the polymer clay sounds like fun. count me in! the little nests for the animals are so cute. i bet they are warm, too. i can picture the little critters snuggled up in them. Dawn

  3. Dawn: Hopefully soon I will have pictures of the nest with the babies in them. Just waiting for them to be sent to me from the Wild Life Rescue. I will post them when they arrive.


  4. I really need to start my own 99 things to do list - to see it in writing may give me the motivation I need to get the ball rolling.
    I am a beginner polymer clay doll artist, and I love that hand mold.

  5. I've just started experimenting with doll making and have some face molds but no hand molds.

    I also took you "99" list and bolded all the things I've done, it's about half so far so I have a long way to go!


  6. That mold would be great to have and put to use. Thank you for sharng a link to go read some more. Please sign me up. I'd love to join in on a give away of my own. If you do this again let me know and I'll particiapte with you once I get my blog going better. If this is a yearly event then I'll have plenty of time to figure it would think. LOL Jody


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