Friday, February 27, 2009

I made out like a bandit!!!!!

Wow! Did you happen to follow the Gypsy Caravan of the One World - One Heart event? I won several items...well a total of seven and I only got to a total of 609 blogs out of the 900+ that joined in this year. Still waiting on a few - will post those when they arrive, but the ones I have received are these: (please forgive my lousy photography)

From Holly's Folly -Glass, I won this gorgeous lamp worked heart necklace. The pictures below shows both sides of this beautiful pink, white, and clear swirled glass bead. Holly makes a variety of lamp worked glass beads. And she has the yummiest looking chocolate beads that just make my mouth water. She also gives away free beads on her site, and sells beads, jewelry, findings, and tools.

Nancy, at All Pulped Out blog gave away multiple items, but she also made 150 cards for people who signed up to follow her blog. I was one of those lucky 150 people and I am so tickled because she also sent me this wonderful and very peaceful piece of art as well as the card. And I love them both. The card is made from a picture she took of a stone... in the shape of a heart and the Angel plaque warms my heart when I start to think of my Mother (who I lost in September 2008) ..... it has a way of calming me and making me feel very peaceful. Nancy also has a wonderful website by the same name, All Pulped Out that is full of inspiration. She has wonderful artwork that I love to look at and admire.

From Pat and Priscilla (the happy spokes goat) of Happy Goat Soap, I won three delicious bars of goat's milk soap of my choice from their etsy shop. I chose:

  1. Goats Love to Eat Pine Trees Soap - Rich Goats Milk Soap - Scented with Rose
  2. Maaaaaaasssage Bar - Rich Goats Milk Soap - Scented with Strawberry Heaven
  3. a gardenia bar (that's the curled up kitty bar in the picture)
I've only had one other bar of handmade soap and that was a couple years ago, so I had forgotten how nice it was. I was so impressed with this goat's milk soap. It felt good on my skin, when I rinsed off - it rinsed away to easily and left me feeling so clean, un-like commercial soap that leaves a film on my skin. The scents were so yummy and intoxicating. There are many sizes and shapes of soap. I really liked the curled up kitty cat one. And I'm looking forward to using the massage bar too!

(picture only shows two of the three bars)

I was chosen as the 3rd prize winner by Pat at the Odd-Dolls Blog. I was so tickled to find out that I won four rubber stamps, 3 jars of embossing powders, several stickers stickers, bingo ATC cards and two journal blocks. Can't wait to put these items to use in my own artwork.

I'd like to thank everyone that sent me a prize and I really appreciate it and love them all. I have made some wonderful friends and found some awesome blogs to visit and re-visit. I still have more blogs to check out and a few more prizes to post about. If you didn't follow the caravan this year... you really need to next year. It was a spectacular event!