Monday, February 2, 2009

I will do my best, for the 29-Day Challenge

There might be days during the 29-Day Challenge that I won't be able to get on-line for various reasons. Such as, being ill, having computer problems, or a number of other reasons. But I will do my best to list items each and every day to best of my ability.
Some things to know about my 29-Day Challenge.
  1. As long as you leave a comment on the post, of the days give-a-way, you will be entered to win. You have until I draw the winner, so that could be one day or it could be 7 days time to enter.
  2. One entry per post, per person.
  3. I will draw the winners names when my Grandchildren are here.... so that they can pick a random number for me. No bias that way.
  4. I will post the winners at the end of each week, instead of daily.
  5. If you spread the word about my challenge via your blog, face page, etc then leave me a comment here on this particular post, and I will have a separate drawing just for those who spread the word. Prize to be announced later. I will pick out something extra special for it it will be well worth while to do me this little teeny tiny favor. Please!
And now for a few updates.

  • Day 1: I gave a friend some food items that she needed to make dinner for her and her Daughter. She was hungry for potato salad and I had the fixins' for it and this prevented her from having the go to the grocery store.
  • Day 2: I got on eBay some cutting mats for my oldest Sisters Cricut machine.

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  1. I blogged about your blog, and your 29 day giveaway

    I just wanted to say thanks :)



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