Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Fur Babies

I have two of the smartest and most adorable fur babies. And I thought I would share them with you all.. Besides my two Grandsons, they are the vein of my existence. I would be lost without them.

This is Latte', she is part Papillon and will be 5 years old on April 15th. I have had her since she was about 6 weeks old. She is so very smart and a quick learner too. My dogs sleep with me, but there are times when I go to bed and Latte' isn't ready to climb into bed and would rather stay where she is. But this smart little cutie pie knows how to wake me up so that she can get my warm spot in the bed, and she is relentless too! When she wants my spot, she will NOT leave me alone until I get out of bed, on the pretense that she has to go outside. If I don't get our of bed, she gets louder and louder and if that doesn't work, she starts pawing at my arms opr face until I HAVE to get up. I tell ya... she is relentless and knows how to get what she wants. Then, when I do finally get up and start down the hallway, she runs right by me and jumps into my bed, my spot! She can be a stinker, but I love her with all my heart.

12/24/2008 Latte' chewing on her new Chrismtas stocking toy.

This is Coffee (can you tell that I really like my coffee?) a full bloodied and paper Chihuahua that only weighs 5 pounds. He was rescued from a breeder 4 years ago and he will be 9 on March 20th. When I got him, he didn't know what toys were or what to do with them, didn't know how to play, what love was, or even treats, and definitly was not house broken ( he still has accidents from time to time, but considering his life for the first 5 years, he's done really well). He was kept in a kennel 24/7.

Coffee has some, what some might call, quirks. From the day that I got him, he has given me a (what I call) a bath on my face, arms and legs every sincle day. He licks me or kisses me on every spot not covered by clothing, usually in the evening, usually in the evening spending an hour at a time in total concentration. Oh and he hates to be interupted when he is givng me my bath. A friend of mine and I believe that Coffee understands my health issues and it's his way of trying to help me.

Another one of his quirks, is that if there is a bag on the floor... groceries just brought into the house, a bag of trash getting ready to go out to the trash bin, a case of soda, or someone's purse .... Coffee will mark it!

And when Latte' gets a bath, for two solid days Coffee can not keep his mitts off of her. He won't let her our of his site, and he is constantly going after her. And the two of them get along better during that time, than any other time. And it;'s the only time that Latte' will yell at offee, as if to say "Leave me alone, I have a headache!"

Another ofhis quirks: he can't stand to not be right next to me. When I go into the office to create, he comes in there whinning, just begging me to come sit with him in the livingroom. Even though I have two doggie beds in the office, it's just not close enough to suit him. He would rather have me sitting in the recliner next to him or in bed sleeping 24/7. It drives him nuts when I take a shower and shut the bathroom door and he can't get in.

12/24/2008 Coffee laying in the recliner

The next two pictures (my Princes and my Prince) were taken with my digital camera that my Sister got me last year (2007) for Christmas, and I had never played around with some of the functions/features. So, one year later, that is exactly what I did. That is how I got these two pictures as well as tthe one above. And I do love my digital Samsung camera! Thanks Terry!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my two little and sweet... sometimes stinkers, babies.


  1. Cute babies! I can see how you love them. :)

    Jenn J

  2. Aawww what gorgeous, scrumptous little babies, they are adoreable! Really enjoyed visiting your blog. Mandy x

  3. Thanks Mandy and Jenn for visiting. Bear with me while I deal with a finicky computer...once it is straightened out, more fun items will be posted.



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