Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 17 of 29-Day Giving Challenge

Spring is almost here.... what? About 18 more days I believe.

Today's is Spring themed!

Someone left a comment that they could use a key chain, well lucky you.... I have another one for you folks today. This one is a ladybug theme...and pretty fitting since Spring is nearly here. The beads are all glass and it has a bit of weight but such a fun one.

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Conner drew numbers this week and later today I will be posting the winners from the day 6 through day 10 giveaways. So check back later to see if you are a winner.


  • Day 1: I gave a friend some food items that she needed to make dinner for her and her Daughter. She was hungry for potato salad and I had the fixins' for it and this prevented her from having the go to the grocery store.
  • Day 2: I got on eBay some cutting mats for my oldest Sisters Cricut machine.
  • Day 4: Helped my Grandson with his homework.
  • Mailed off one dozen hand made birds nest for wildlife rescue of baby birds and rabbits.
  • Let my cleaning lady leave early.
  • Helped a friend search for a mannequin on eBay.
  • Working on an afghan for my Sister for her Daughter who is due to have a baby in July.
  • Mailed off crocheted nest to North Carolina. These are for squirrels and opossums.
  • Still working on making more nest. I try to get one x-large one done a day or several smaller ones.
  • Mailed a very good friend a birthday card.
  • Visited a friend I had not seen for a while.
  • Called a friend in Alaska.
  • E-mailed my Brother.
  • Sent a Congratulations card to my friend for her new Grandson.
  • I sent a 'thank you' card to a church that helped me a few weeks ago with food.
And in return, I have received:

  • My lower denture broke and my Sister paid to have it fixed.
  • I won 7 gifts during the One World-One Heart Event.
  • I won a bracelet from Danica, at Harmony Jewelry Designs.
  • I've received a beautiful red lace heart and Valentine card in the mail yesterday.
  • A dear friend called me yesterday.
  • When I thought I was out of money this month for groceries, I received some money that was owed to me. So I was able to buy more groceries.
  • Won a beautiful Momento Pendant from Lynn Krestel (I'll write more later)
So you see, the 29-Day Giving Challenge does work! Give it a try!


  1. Lovely ladybirds,
    use to have a dog called ladybird

  2. Ah, a spring themed keychain with darling lady bugs. Brings back memories of lady bugs and spotting one or having it land on me and the ole saying "Lady Bug, Lady Bug Fly away home... Jody

  3. beautiful keychain! it is true, the more you give, the more you get!


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