Monday, March 2, 2009

Winners of Day 6 - Day 10 are ........

Congratulations to the lucky few!

Once again we have the winners. And they are:

Day 6: number chosen: 1 Genuine won the Domino Book

Day 7: number chosen: 4 Carrie won the Pampered Chef Cookie Mold

Day 8: number chosen: 2 Connie won the assorted set of rubberstamps and other supplies

Day 9: number chosen: 4 Digital Misfits won the Polymer Clay Mold and Clay

Day 10: number chosen: 3 Robin won the cross stitched ornaments

If your name is listed, I would appreciate it, if you would drop me an e-mail with your mailing address to me at: prpldy (at) with the subject of WINNER

It would help to make my life a little bit easier as I have two doctor's appointments this week. But if I don't hear from the winners by the end of the week, I will e-mail you. And if I do hear from you soon enough your items will be mailed out by Friday when my assistant is here to help me and can go to the post office for me.


  1. YAY!
    Thank you so much. I cant wait to play with my new goodies.

    My mailing addy is in the email re: the charity quilt


  2. Thank you for the ornaments! I just love them!

    Emailing you now with my addy, but I think you already have it!


Thank you for the comment love! I love reading all the comments.