Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 19 of 29 Day Giving Challenge

Today I have something a bit different. I have a game for you.... handmade at that and well made too (but not by me). This was some blog candy that I won about a year ago (sorry that I can not remember which blog I won it from). The game is called No Say Dat! Keiki Edition The game is made by Local Kine Games and sells for $30.00 plus shipping and handling.

Local words for local kids a fun word game that can be played in many different ways.

You may not be from Hawaii but you might want to learn about Hawaii. I can see some one that home schools their children being able to put this to use as a learning tool, or maybe you have been to Hawaii, or planning a trip there. Or if you are the winner and don't want to play this game, then use it to jump start your own 29-Day Giving Challenge.

The game comes with instructions, 2 pencils, score pad, 3 minute sand timer, and 104 laminated word cards, and a handmade cloth storage bag.

from the Kine website:

An excellent way to develop VERBAL SKILLS, this version has words that relate to a kid's world in Hawaii. The same rules apply as the adult version, except with three Zzzz words instead of four. Best with four or more players, an excellent family night activity. The winners can choose to go for shave ice or chocolate and coconut ice cream afterwards.

Recommended for kids in 1st-7th grades. An excellent rainy day, camping, or mixed age activity.

Unfortunately I've never played the game as my Grandsons are growing up and have no interest in games at this time. So it is brand new.

If you would like to see a larger version of the picture, just click on it and it will appear.


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  2. I've never been to Hawaii. I am so envious of the weather out there and would take it over the cold and snow any day. I only need two seasons...warm and warmer. What an interesting game.

  3. this looks like a game that my kids would like :)