Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Thumb????

My loving Mother always said that I had a green thumb. Every time she came over, she would always mention how pretty my house plants were. They sure don't look green to me. But I did have a green finger for St. Patty's Day last year when I went into the hospital on St. Patty's Day to have my hip replaced. I'm Irish, so I had had to have some green on somewhere. But never a green thumb.

I received this poinsettia from the other co-Grandmother to my two Grandsons for Christmas. Can you believe it is still going strong? She said hers dies after about 2 weeks. And the ones that my Sister had for Christmas also have long since died. I've had this one since about the middle of December 2008.

Leaves keep dying and falling off, but others keep sprouting and growing. I wonder how long poinsettias actually live. Any one know?

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  1. in southern california, my grandmother had one in her garden. it bloomed every year and was huge! here in hawaii, they also live year round. they lose all of their leaves for about six months, and then about september the leaves come back and by december they are red!

  2. Green Thumb? Not me, I can kill an air fern. Jody


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