Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have you ever wanted to feel better?

Did you know that if you lost some weight ... those of us that have a few too many extra pounds, can actually feel better if you loose some weight. Well it's true! Not only do your clothes fit better, you look better, it's better for your internal organs, and just over all y0u feel better.

I recently had the opportunity to try Slim Shots and boy was I surprised at how well it worked at curbing my appetite.

I received the chocolate flavor (it also comes in a vanilla flavor) to try. It tasted more like hazel nuts to me, which I enjoyed. Slim Shots come in a small container similar to the flavored coffee creamer shots. They are easy to use and my package had an added bonus of a hard plastic storage container for one Slim Shot. Which is very handy for carrying a Slim Shot with you when you are away from home. I thought it tasted even better cold, s0 I kept my box in the fridge.

I never thought it would curb my appetite as well as said it would. But it did! It also worked really quickly at curbing my appetite, every time I used one and it would last between 3 and 5 hours. I used it the way it suggested. For the first week, one at breakfast and one at lunch time. And then just one a day thereafter. I was telling a friend of mine about the Slim Shots, and she wanted to try one. She was also amazed at how quickly it curbed her appetite too! I lost a total of 6 pounds, and boy am I tickled. I have been trying to loose a few pounds and I finally succeeded.
(my photo, sorry it's not better)

from the Slim Shots website:

How does it work?
  • SlimShots has been proven to increase the feeling to satiety [i.e., being full].
  • Satiety is the long term effect of a meal—how long it takes to become hungry again and how much food is consumed at the next meal.
  • General Explanation: SlimShots™ triggers the body’s natural appetite control mechanism, the ileal brake, satisfying users for long periods of time and in turn, allowing them to eat less, without sacrifice and without depriving them of their favorite foods.

How do I use SlimShots?

  • For optimal effectiveness; take two shots per day the 1st week; one shot [9.3 ml container] at breakfast and one shot at lunch. Thereafter, one shot at breakfast should be sufficient. However, response rates can vary for individuals depending on different factors like body weight.
  • SlimShots comes in mini shots [i.e., about the site of a coffee creamer], which can be kept at work, in the kitchen or in your purse.
  • SlimShots can be taken as a shot or added to coffee, yogurt, cereal or shakes.

Who can take it?

  • Anyone who wishes to manage their appetite and moderate their food intake.
  • It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • It’s an ideal compliment to weight loss products except Alli.
  • If taking any kind of medication, you should consult your doctor before taking SlimShots as a precaution.

Disclaimer: I was sent the product named above to review. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and yours may differ. Receiving a product will NEVER influence what I write in any review. The only payment I received was one package of the product.
Thank you to Slim Shots and the FuelMyBlog for the opportunity to review this product.


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