Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where have I been?

Nov 2nd:

Well, I have been at home, I have also been at my doctors, along with being at a friend's house having a yard sale. And while at home I have been working on my Brand New Acer Aspire 5517 Laptop that I won from CookiesKids.com getting it set-up and running.... and connected to my router so that I could get back on-line.

I really thought that I would have had internet withdrawal being off-line for nearly 2 weeks. But I didn't! I guess I kept busy having a yard sale for two different weekends, and a total of 4 days. I got rid of a lot of stuff and made a touch over $150.00. Could have been better, but I am very happy with the amount as my van is now in the shop as I have a gasoline leak. After the last day of the yard sale I stopped to put $20 worth of gas in my van and before I got the cap put back on I noticed a leak under the van. It was gasoline! I got scared and wanted to get my van home and get out of it. It was dripping pretty fast and so I haven't driven it since the 24th of October.

I have a new neighbor, she has two dogs just like me. One is a Chihuahua and the other is this sweet female all black dog, named Midnight, that I feel so sorry for. There are times that she leaves the dog out for 36+ hours at a time, with no shelter, no water, and no food. Like right now Midnight is outside, it's dark, 44 degrees and who knows how long she will leave midnight outside tonight. Midnight is so sweet, and she wanted some loving. Each time I go outside I always talk to her and many times I go over and pet her and she doesn't want me to stop. I am so tempted to call our local humane society and see if there is anything they can do. it's so cruel to leave a dog outside with no shelter, food or water.

My local newspaper is having a Dog Idol and the 12 finalist will be professional photographed and put into a calendar. I've entered my two babies using these pictures: Well i ahd planned on uploading some pictures, but I guess i don't have them on this new laptop yet. Sorry.

Nov 3rd:

The mechanic called today and informed that my alternator is bad. I had noticed the amp meter jumping around, but duh.... did not associate that with the alternator. guess the gas leak was more on my mind. So now I have to come up with $400 as that is what the bill is coming too so far. Yikes! Not sure what I am going to do. hat more than 1/2 of what I survive on in a month. Vehicles, what a pain they can be. Just like a computer. Great when they work properly and pain when they don't.

Doing some web browsing... instead of getting to my backed up e-mail I found this site with some very strange pictures, but beware some are not for the young or the frigid.


  1. Hi BrendaLea...so good to see you back online. I had been wondering where you had disappeared to. What great news about the laptop but not so good about your car. Take care

  2. BrendaLea, I am glad that you are doing well, but bummer about the auto repairs. That is such a racket.

    How cool that you won the laptop. That is really neat.


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