Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing my Mom

Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you and miss you!Today would have been my Mother's 78th birthday, but instead it is the one year anniversary of her death. (previous post)

I woke up not feeling too well today, and now I know why. I knew what today was. I was NOT looking forward to it. But it was inevitable. I also knew that I would survive, because.... my Mother made me the person I am today.

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My Mother made me strong! She made me into a loving person. She taught me so much about life. And she was ALWAYS there for me. And I miss her so darned bery much. My heart aches with the loss of her. It seems that on the anniversary of my Father's death or his birthday, or that of my Sister or my Brother, and now my Mother is included in that list.... I tend not to feel too well. I believe that subconsciously I am grieving the loss of these much love family members and it is my body's way of dealing with the pain of the loss.


  1. BrendaLea,
    Remember you can make it through by being the strong, capable lady she taught you to be!

  2. I'm sorry for your loss.

    What a beautiful lady! You are fortunate in having her for as long as you did and for all her lessons. She will always live in you.

    Best wishes.

  3. Your Mother was so beautiful, and feelings like this will always be with you . I know ..Me Too, although it has been many years since my Mom left.... I remember something she said and it lives with me every night. I use to have trouble with bursitis in my shoulders and Mother would say "Make sure you keep them covered up at night when you sleep.." Well every night when I tuck in I say goodnight to her and say.. Yes Mom, I'm all covered
    up!!Funny how things stick!!
    take care and enjoy the moments you remember you had with your Mom

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  5. My heart goes out to you! I'm sending you BIG mental hugs!!


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