Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hoping everyone that celebrates Easter is having a wonderful day with their friends and family!  It's a quiet day but frustrating day here at my household.  Just me and Conner, along with Coffee, Latte', Gabby, Tweety, and Patone.

The first thing I did this morning after getting my coffee started, let the fur babies out to go potty, and fed the feather babies.... I put together the Easter baskets for my 2 wonderful and handsome Grandsons.  I started getting all the gifts together for my winners when Coffee had to go back outside.  I never did make it back to the gifts (but I will, I promise).  I have a one track mind.

Then I spent the better part of today getting my laptop running again.  Not sure what happened, when I turned on the laptop and it got going I clicked on my e-mail program and then nothing wanted to respond.  Computers are fabulous when they work and a pain in the patooty when they don't.  This is the 2nd time this week I had to get this darned laptop going again.  The first problem was caused by a web cam a friend gave me.  I was so excited to get a web cam and be able to chat on-line face-to-face with friends and my family.  That is not going to happen.  Evidently the software does not work with Win 7.  And now I am back logged with my mail because the past two days I haven't been home much for one reason or another (one being I took Conner to see "Clash of the Titans"... which was much better than I had expected.  He and I both really enjoyed it.)

I would definitely recommend seeing the movie if you haven't. We saw the 2D version, not the 3D.

Well I am off to grab a bite to eat and then take a nap, I didn't sleep to well as my neighbors were out side until the wee 4:30am partying.  I should have called the cops, but I didn't.  I like to not cause havoc, but if it keeps up (if they do this every weekend), I will have to call the cops.

Be safe getting home if you traveled this weekend.

Hugs to all,


  1. My laptop is having problems too! I spent the day looking for used toys in a flea market ^^.

  2. Why did the coffee have to go outside?

    Sorry you're having computer troubles. Maybe the webcam just needs newer drivers to be compatible with your windows 7. Probably can download them?

    Glad I don't have a grandson, cause these guy movies aren't my thing. lol Really though I think it's great you can spend time with your grandchildren.



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