Friday, April 9, 2010

I Want a New TV

I was recently contacted by James, a rep from the CSN Stores to do a review.  I gladly accepted and was tickled to take a look at the many (200+) shops that they have.  Boy it was fun to see the vast variety of items they carry.  One item I focused on was the entertainment centers to house the new TV I would love to get.

While the process of shopping for entertainment centers may seem daunting...CSN Stores has a great selection to choose from. I have one of the old, huge TVs! It's like a heavy box, that takes up a lot of room and of course is NOT HD compatible. If I get a new TV, then I would need a new entertainment center.  So I went searching on-line at the  I found an entertainment center that I fell in love with.  I love the clean lines and the deep, dark color.  I could really see this one in my living room.  Because of the flat screen, it would even give me a bit more room as well because it wouldn't stick out from the wall nearly as far as my current one.

But I digress, sorry.  I will soon be doing two reviews for products products from the many shops at the CSN Stores.  I really look forward to sharing my reviews with you, and hope that I do them  justice.  So please come back and enjoy the reviews.... soon.

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