Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Have you ever had a snake.....

in your house?  I have!  Stayed tuned for more on that and Sweeney's Snake Repellent


  1. Yes, I have! I got up one Sunday morning last fall and discovered a baby rat snake curled upside down in the middle of our hallway, playing dead. My husband scooped him up and tossed him outside. I guess our cats had beaten the snot out of him all night long!

  2. We've got a family of raccoons in our attic! A mom and five babies. Not sure what to do with them, my mother seems to think if we call animal control they'll call in the health department and have the house condemned. @@ I'm thinking we'll probably just end up waiting until they leave (assuming they're just nesting and this isn't a permanent home for them) and blocking up the hole they came in so they can't come back.

  3. No thank goodness, I HATE HATE HATE snakes. Can't even go through the snake house at the zoo where they're safely under glass.

    Ruth, you best not wait on those Raccoons to leave, they cause lots of damage. I would indeed call someone to get rid of them. They carry disease, rabbis for one.

  4. Got it now, wonder why your didn't count before....sometimes these computer things are weird.



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