Thursday, July 1, 2010

June was Home Safety Month

I didn't know that until I had done a review for some safety products.  Along with being physically safe in your home, you need a safe place to store important papers, or certain medicines.

A while back I told you about the wonderful entertainment centers at the, that I wanted.  And during that time they,, allowed me to pick out an item to review.  Since I didn't have a safe, I choose the SentrySafe Fire-Safe® Security Chest.  They have a huge selection to choose from, and this one fit my current needs to a 'T'.  Yes, I know I am a wee bit behind in my reviews, sorry.  I had the SentrySafe this whole time, nearly 1-1/2 months and it sort of slipped my mind.  That is until it was home safety month, just yesterday was the last day.

I finally got the safe out, something that I mentioned, I have never had before.  Though with all of the important papers we all have, along with the controlled substance medicines that I take, I really needed one.  The G-sons are growing up and are now teenagers and they have a lot of friends over.  Their friends are good kids, but in this day and age of drugs.  One can never be too safe.  Hence, the home safety factor.

The SentrySafe Fire-Safe as you can see is small in size, but huge in storage.  It has a convenient carrying handle, and a key lock (which I prefer as I have trouble remembering all of the various PIN numbers, and passwords for various websites, etc).  I was able to get in my important papers, along with precious jewelry, flash drive, meds that are a controlled substance, disk, and I still had plenty of space to add more items as needed.
I love the fact that should there be a fire, the safe has:
  • Proven UL classified 1/2-hour fire protection
  • ETL verified 1/2 hour fire protection up to 1550 degrees Farenheit
  • 3-year limited warranty 
I am so glad that June was home safety month, and that I finally have my safe filled with items I want to keep safe.  In the very near future, I will also be telling you about the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker, also from one of the over 200 stores, under the CSN Stores name.

There was no monetary compensation received for this review, though I did receive the sample to conduct my review. All opinions are my own. Receiving the sample did not sway my review. I would like to thank CSN Stores for providing the item for review.


  1. I could really use this. I have alot of important papers I would like to store safely.

  2. it looks very useful and 'safe' :) congrats on your new item!

  3. I've always thought it was adviseable to not keep important papers at home, but to keep them in a lock box at the bank or something. Though I do have some items here I should do something with.

    Never considered having a safe at home, but I know lots of folks have lock boxes at home. Not sure if those are fireproof. I'll have to ask them.

    Nice post
    Happy 4th of July

  4. they are useful :D

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