Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks Without Tons of Practice

If you have been a reader of my blog for a little while, you have probably heard me talk of my two fur babies: Coffee and Latte'.  Latte' is still fairly young at 6 years old, but Coffee (the one below) is 10 years old and is riddled with arthritis, and neither are into learning how to do new tricks. Latte' tends to be stubborn and Coffee is just getting old.

Coffee - 10 yrs old
I was asked to do a review for a set of pet stairs, and I loved the idea as I was thinking of getting Coffee a set of pet stairs as he is little with lots of arthritis.  The rep from pet-super-store.com sent me the set below.  I love them!  They are the perfect height for both my couch and the bed.  Though I haven't tried it with the van yet (too hot outside), I believe they will be perfect to use there as well.
I have been working diligently trying to teach my babies how to use the stairs.  Coffee and Latte' may not want to give the steps too much of a work out at this time.  But my Great Niece, Miss Gracee, loves to play on them when she comes over.

Not only are the pet stairs beautiful and useful, they are well made with a cover that is removable for cleaning.  The fabric is of high quality as is the inner high density foam.  The foam is soft but strong and both of my teenage Grandsons walked up the steps and onto the couch when they first arrived.  Without falling!  And these are not small boys either. Which should tell you that the pet stairs would handle any dog using them, large or small, young or old.

Look at the fabric.  I love doggy faces that are in the design of the fabric.  The upper photo is a truer color (on my monitor but may vary on yours) of the stairs I received.  The picture below shows the design in more detail.

The pet stairs that I received come in two styles: 4 step (I received this one) and 6 step, along with 6 fabric styles to choose from.  Pet-super-store.com carries a variety of pet stairs and ramps, along with a great selection of other products for your pets.  Items include, but not limited to:  pet food bowls, training aids, collars, travel carriers, and beds.

If you are needing pet stairs because your fur baby is getting older like Coffee, is ill, or needs a boost because they are small, I would definitely recommend the set I received.  The quality is great, the service was fantastic, and my fur babies will be able to use these pet stairs for a long time to come (once they get accustomed to them.)   I see that this particular set of pet stairs qualifies for free shipping too.  Not sure if that is all the time, or a special they are running.  Pet-super-store.com also guarantees the satisfaction of your purchase.  The site is easy to navigate, has great product pictures, and customer service that you can chat with on-line (when available) or you can call their 800 number.

I look forward to my babies using the pet stairs on a regular basis.  I keep trying to teach Coffee to use the pet stairs, but he tends to be a slow learner.  I'm glad that he does use them from time to time, as I know it helps Coffee with his arthritis, it's just never when I have my camera ready.  When I do capture him using the pet stairs on film disk, I will be sure to share the pictures with you.  In the mean time, I will continue to teach them the trick of using the pet stairs and you can check out pet-super-store.com.

I received the set of pet stairs for review, but no other compensation was received.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions I have expressed are my own.

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  1. Good luck with the tricks. Lady next door set up an obstacle course for her 2 dogs. She used tunnels, hoola hoops and steps. They got pretty good at it, but it took awhile.


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