Monday, August 9, 2010

Spinning to the Music of a Music Box

Ballerina Large Plum

I love music. Any and all kinds of music. The music can come from the radio, album, or a music box. One of my favorite gifts was a white jewelry music box, that when you pulled the drawer out music would play and butterflies would day around on the mirror. I still have that jewelry box today, and it still works. But I also have other music boxes as well. I have grown up and so have my taste in music boxes. Like the one above from the Amazing Music Box Company, I can see myself lifting the lid, and dancing around my room to the music emanating from the music box.

Butterflies Music Box
When my Grandsons were little, we would lay down for a nap, falling asleep to the sound of one of my many music boxes. The Elm Burlwood music box with it's inlaid butterflies would be a welcome addition to my collection of music boxes. The Amazing Music Box Co. has many beautiful music boxes to choose from.

Did you know that the history of music boxes date back centuries? I didn't. And that watchmakers were the ones to create them in the beginning, using a metal disk in the 18th century. Later they switched to cylinders that were powered with a spring. After an invention by Paillard in 1862, removable cylinders were introduced so that the melody could be changed.

Lilac High Gloss Heart and Flower Inlay Music Box
The Amazing Music Box Co. has some amazing music boxes to choose from. if you are needing a gift for a wedding or an anniversary, check them out. If you need a gift for someone that has everything, look at the music boxes that the Amazing Music Box Co has to offer, everyone needs at least one music box in their life.

A music box would make a wonderful gift for the young (what child would not enjoy watching a cylinder spinning around and making music) or the young at heart. Check out all of the beautiful music boxes at the Amazing Music Box Company for one you would enjoy.


  1. Those are so gorgeous. My sister would love one.

  2. They really do have some beautiful boxes! I think they would make perfect gifts - I especially love the Christmas themed boxes, particularly the Christmas Ornamental Music Box. Thanks for the review!

  3. These are absolutely adorable. I wish I had a daughter to get one for. I'll have to keep these in mind in the future if we ever end up having a girl.


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