Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 10 of 29 - Day Giving Challenge

What's the style of your home decor? Is it country, contemporary, shabby-chic or something else? What about the way you decorate your Christmas tree, that is if you celebrate Christmas? Or maybe you like cross stitch, or who knows... even collect cross stitched items.

Well today's give-a-way has a touch of country flair to it. It is a collection of 4 handmade cross stitched ornaments (if you want to use them that way) or they could just hand in your home... from a dresser drawer, a a vanity mirror, or a door knob, or some place else that I ahve not thought of.

Anyhow, if you are interested in today's give-a-way, leave a message on this post. And remember, if you post this on your blog or web site...about my 29-Day Giving Challenge, please leave another post for me telling me where you posted about this, so that I can put you in the drawing at the end of this for a special gift.

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Please forgive my lousy photography today. For some reason everything has a yellow tint to it. But all the ornaments are white (not yellow like the top two look) and they all hang from a satin ribbon. The bottom two have the ribbon tucked behind them for the photo.


  1. those are so cute! they will look good in a lot of spots around the house.i used to do a little cross stitch but i quit about four years i am mainly into quilts.

  2. I hope you will forgive me for taking a blogging vacation just when you have started following my blog! Please feel free to look at my past posts, most of which have directions on how I have made the featured journal pages. I think there are about 43 of them. By the time you have looked at those I should be back!

    I love purple too by the way.

  3. The ornaments are lovely! I so wish I had time to craft these days!

    I have a blog at LJ, and I'd be happy to post your giveaways there, if you'd like. My journal is friends only. I'd be happy for you to read it, but you'd have to make a free LJ account to do so, and then allow me to add you as a friend.

  4. These are adorable brenda! I never did learn to cross stitch!

  5. What cute stitched ornements. Your picture looks fine of the ornaments from here. Love the designs. Jody

  6. I've blogged about your give away. I did the best i can for now since I'm just learning. In a week and a half I will have more time to work on my blog and maybe get some of it figured out. Jody


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