Saturday, June 26, 2010

Latte' went to the vet and she's not feeling any better

Latte' was able to see her vet, Dr. Pirtle yesterday.  She wasn't to  excited about it, but she behaved like a little lady.  Dr. Pirtle took a stool sample and examined her, and asked me a lot of questions.  Latte' was not fond of him for taking the stool sample.
look at that sad face, you can see she doesn't feel well

We found out that she has an intestinal virus.  She got a shot to help with her nausea, but evidently it didn't work as she got sick again last night, just after I climbed into bed. So I had to get up and clean it up.  She also received antibiotics to take twice a day for 5 days.

He said this should clear it up and that in about 24 hours we should see a marked difference, and within 48 she should be back to almost normal.  But if she is not better by Monday to call him and we would have to do a full blood work-up.

It's been nearly 24 hours and she doesn't seem to be ant better yet.  Let's just hope that by tomorrow she will be feeling a lot better.  My fingers are crossed.

Dr. Pirtle said that several things can cause the intestinal virus.  One being a germ that she got from another animal, such as:  if she stepped in some other animal's poop and then licked her paw.  He said with the warmer weather, he has seen more of this type of intestinal virus lately.  And if it wasn't something like that, there are health issues that can cause the intestinal virus.  One being kidney failure.  He doesn't really expect it to be something like that as she is only 6 years old.   Let's hope it is not that serious.

I have people coming over at 2pm today for a Febreze House Party, and the sure sign of Latte' feeling better will be when they arrive.  She loves company, she gets very excited and always wants her belly rubbed when they come over.  Plus she dances around a lot when people are here.  So time will tell me for sure if she is feeling better.  They should arrive within the next hour.  Let's hope she is active and exited.  That will let me know that she is on the mend.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,


  1. Hi BrendaLea,

    Oh, I hope your baby will be okay. I just got 2 10-week old kittens and had to bring them back to the lady I got them from for treatment because of the same thing. One came down with it last weekend and is doing MUCH better. The other one came down with it late this past week and last time I checked there was some improvement but it hadn't been quite 24 hours.

    Sounds to me like alot of animals are getting this nasty little bug but keep the faith and I will keep my fingers crossed that Latte is up and hopping about over your guests today. :)

    Lots of hugs! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  2. so sorry to hear this...
    I feel you lady, as i have 5 dogs back home!
    Thoughts & prayers~

  3. awwww I hope things start looking better soon! I also had a Febreze Party!! Looks like our town was smellin' fresh!

    Thanks for entering my giveaways! I added your recipe to my recipe link up! Feel free to add any that you've made there!

    Thanks too for all the follows and adding my button to your blog! I've added yours under Blogger Friends!!

    Have a great week!!!
    Susieqtpies at Scraps of Life


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