Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help Conner's Teacher WIN Classroom Supplies!

My Teacher Rocks!

... is a contest for teacher's to win $500 worth of classroom supplies.  And I need your help.  I need your votes.

I entered Conner's teacher, Mrs. Hale, into the contest with the following:

Mrs. Hale of Ward School in DuQuoin, Illinois

Submitted by: BrendaLea Abbott
I want to nominate my Grandson’s teacher, Mrs. Hale of Ward School in DuQuoin, Illinois for this prize. My Grandson has Aspergers, and she is so wonderful with him. She is patient and under standing and has really helped him grow by learning. It can be difficult to teach a child with Aspergers, she goes above and beyond to help him in his studies and I have seen a huge improvement in him, due to her teaching abilities, and her work with those that are challenged. These supplies would make a huge, wonderful impact on her class and a awesome award to a great teacher who is patient and giving every day with the kids that can bring daily challenges. Thank you for the chance to make her world easier as she has done my Grandson’s world.

For Mrs. Hale to win the supplies, I need you to vote.  You can go here to vote, by leaving a comment, but you only have until September 10th at 6 pm.

With all of the budget cuts, and teacher's low wages, and them using much of their own funds to supplement the supplies for their classrooms, this win would really make a difference and a great way for Conner to show her how much she means to him and what a wonderful teacher she is.

So please, take a moment of your time to vote for this wonderful teacher, Mrs. Hale.

Thanks so much,


  1. In the first article,the coins in that pic looks so beautiful in that cover..It's really a very nice gift for teachers..

  2. great ...So..You are participating in this contest ..My vote is always with you...I am sure you win it.


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